Gaming Community Software Systems and Strategies for Garmin Avionics Communication

Okay so, we located in a world that is certainly constantly evolving in the technology front, and with all the current internet communication happening, it's seems to be moving with a nice robust pace. Systems and Software engineers borrow ideas across sectors and industries, and why not. Speaking of which all these systems are most often blending quite nicely, as an example take online gaming communities and consider how they've influenced the industry of simulation, virtual reality, and augmented reality in the real world for training. ESO gaming community

Yesterday, I used to be speaking to a personal computer hardware and expert gaming community think tanker, Troy Laclaire, about moving by using gaming community software for training simulators and applying this same software towards the task of aircraftcommunication and navigation, and data information exploits. We noted that Garmin has sure advanced significantly making use of their recent GTN 650 and GTN 750 systems for corporate and private aviation. And, in considering methods to improve the uptime, constant flow of pertinent information, and increasing the rate of data transmission, well it appears appropriate to once more take advantage of the methodology of large gaming communities.

SWTOR gaming community

When using the GTN 650 or 750 it appears that the system is pulling in information all of the time, which would mean there really shouldn't be any delay in pulling it up, "however if its only pulling information for each "screen" as that screen is pulled up, then that could account for the delay," Troy noted. Okay, but only the information which is relevant, localized traffic, in that case, and weather radar information. Now then, Troy asks;

If this might not eventually result in bottlenecks from the satellite system having to push more information, unless the satellites are just blanketing areas with information, which probably results in a lot of waste/3rd parties being able to receive information and tracking planes, i do wonder, as the system gets into more use and the satellites have to transmit to more planes.

Now then, isn't this exactly the same challenge that gaming communities have? Sure it is, data needs to access each user, as well as the game can not be delayed, or even the action is stopped or slowed down, making a nuisance, or challenges with continuity. In a game safety is not an issue, but in the real world it is, and the online gaming communities have figured out a way to make it all work even with the excessive bandwidth loads, and huge numbers of users.

Therefore, I ask the question; is the world of online gaming communities becoming one with the real world? If so that can survive or are they going to just blur into one. Indeed, I really hope you are going to please consider this and think onto it.


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